About Us!

About Us!


Our story begins around the 1980s, in a small city in Albania. Everything started with the grandmother. She was providing homemade remedies for children suffering from infections, cold, flu, rheumatic pain, and other conditions. At this point, it was only a passion and a non-profit duty she would undertake for her community. 

Soon after that, our founders, her son & daughter-in-law, Ylli & Leonora, thought that they needed a change in their career. They were both teachers and absolutely loved to enlighten the new generation. However, they noticed how fulfilling it was to alleviate these children from pain or discomfort. They thought of doing something greater with their life, so decided to pursue our grandmother’s path and advance to a different level. They devoted themselves to start a unique Herbal store in the 2000s, providing holistic combinations, absolutely unique at the time and right now in Albania. At this time, the founder, Ylli Merja, decided to pursue a PharmD program in Albania, which inspired him to formulate all of what we now provide to you: All our Wellness Herbal Products!  

Late in the 2000s, the founders expanded their products with natural cosmetics. Thus, we were manufacturing herbal creams and herbal extracts composed 100% of natural ingredients.

By 2010, we expanded our presence in Albania, Kosovo and Europe significantly through the help of our distributors. The trust of our customers in our products has helped us grow our impact in Europe.

Now, Merja BioProducts is one of the biggest tea suppliers in Albania providing unique products and a unique service. We manufacture over 350 products, Proudly Made in Albania. 

In 2019, we were enthusiastic to open our first store in NYC, Merja Herbs.

Today, we are happy to bring you the power of the Mediterranean herbs and serve you with all the questions on your health, providing consultation with our experts and doctors certified in Albania.

Our goal is to provide the best holistic care with natural and minimally processed products to best conserve natural values!


Visit our Online Store to learn more about what we offer or contact us with any questions!



Our mission is to provide a unique service to our customers by providing NATURAL & INNOVATIVE products that help improve health and wellness. Through our innovative wellness products, we hope to positively impact your health. With health concerns in mind, we aim to develop new products that can make a difference and provide a natural solution to people’s health.

Our mission will remain to:

1.    Wellness & Herbal based Products made with care!

2.    More than Just teas! We provide Personalized Recipes for different health goals. Contact us with any questions, our experts are here to help!

3.    Maintain Excellent Product Quality

We handle every leaf with care, while trying to preserve natural values.

1.    We cooperate with farmers to help support their families and work closely with them to help achieve high productivity and high quality of tea collection. We educate our farmers to harvest at the right time of the season, so we can have the right amount of chemical composition in our teas.

2.    We help equip them with the right equipment and educate them on the best drying conditions needed.

3.    We sterilize every batch of product in ovens with the right temperature to help maintain stability of the product and perfect sterilization.

 Devoted to bring a piece of Nature Wellness from the Mediterranean to your home!



Our goal is to provide consultations to all our customers on all health questions. Our consultants are experts in medicinal tea benefits and usage and provide information to all questions on teas. We take a step further and provide consultation with doctors certified in Albania for any questions related to your health. You may contact us any time with any questions, and we will respond within 24-48 hours. 

Our herbal tea blends help in relieving symptoms of different conditions such as: kidney stones, enlarged prostate, liver detox, seasonal allergies, cold and flu, and others. 



All our products are 100% (all our teas) or 95% and above (our skin care product collection) of natural based origin.

Our plant-based products are formulated from experienced Pharmacists and Technologists. All our products are developed with care and have a scientific basis for all of the ingredients we use and all benefits are backed by science.

Our natural wellness products are made with the final goal in mind to deliver natural solutions to people around the world for a healthier life.



All our natural herbs originate from Albania.

We provide few spices originating from The US and India.

We periodically test our ingredients in house to ensure Highest Quality. We make sure that the products have been collected, dried and stored on the most optimal conditions to ensure preservation of natural values following international standards. Further, our products are tested in third party testing labs in Albania, Kosovo, Europe and the US.



We aim to provide highest quality of Albanian herbs to our customers around the world! Our tea blends are created with care and obeying standards from the FDA and EMA.

We make sure to test our ingredients & final products in house following national and international manufacturing guidelines to deliver high quality products.

Only the Highest Quality of Herbs!




Our goal is to minimize the use of non-recyclable packaging throughout our product collections.

We use 100% recyclable glass and cardboard boxes for our packaging.

We minimally use plastic in our inner tea bags, although we have reduced to thin plastic packaging.

We are devoted to providing our contribution in protecting our planet.  



Wellness Products Made With Care!

Dive into the world of Tea & Natural Products

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