About Us!

About Us!


Our story begins in 1994, in a small city in Albania, then moving into the capital, Tirana in one year. At first Ylli Merja opened a small store in Tirana, where he was selling herbs, spices and spice mixtures. After that he started distributing his formulations all around Tirana, distributing them further in many supermarkets in Albania.

Research is important in developing new products, and Ylli Merja had a lot of bulk information from ancient books and information that derived in his family in generations about the use of medicinal plants, but he wanted to try whether these herbs had the effects described. The first few experiments started in his family, which were the main push towards this new career for him. He tried a herbal mixture about rheumatoid pain when his mother could not move from extreme bone pain. She started moving after doing a bath with a herbal mixture, surprising everyone in the town. Inspired from this Ylli analyzed the chemical components of herbs and used this information to create different herbal mixtures that had therapeutic effects in the body. His research continues trying to find the best natural treatment for different diseases.

Today, Merja BioProducts is one of the biggest firms in Albania that produces medicinal herb mixtures, cream formulations and herbal extracts as unique products and sells about 300 medicinal plants and 50 spices.

Our herbal mixtures are used for relieving symptoms of aliments such as: kidney stones, enlarged prostate, liver detox, helping with recovery from hepatitis B and C, throat infections, asthma, allergy, flu and cold, etc.

We produce 100% natural herbal creams for acne, anti-wrinkle creams, creams that help with dark spots, hydrating cream and others.

The technology we use is the latest in disinfecting herbs and spices. All our machines are CE certified, involved in processes such as disinfecting and packing herbs, or cold-pressing seeds.

Our products are tested for fungal and bacterial infections on a regular basis.

Top quality and preservation of natural values of the products is our primary objective.


We devote ourselves everyday to bring the best products to your homes!


Natural Products 100% Bio

Guaranteed quality. Consultation and free information for any health concerns!

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