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Our Sage Essential Oil is steam distilled from the leaves of the Salvia officinalis herb. Sage is a well-researched herb for its properties.

RELAXATION & POSITIVITY ~ Sage has shown to have normalizing, balancing and soothing properties with a warm scent that promotes relaxation. May help stimulate and clarify the mind. May help provide a positive mood.

NATURAL ANTIDEPRESSANT ~ Sage may reduce stress and anxiety. May have antidepressant properties according to research.

ANTIBACTERIAL ~ May have antibacterial properties. Sage may reduce sweating, so it can be used as a natural antiperspirant by applying a few drops of the oil.

ANTIAGING PROPERTIES ~ May help the skin recover & repair from sunburn. Has antiaging properties on skin.

REDUCE MENSTRUAL CRAMPS ~ Women use sage for painful menstrual periods, to help correct excessive milk flow during nursing. May be used during menopause to promote relaxation and balancing of hormones.

UPLIFTING AROMA ~ This aroma is uplifting to the senses. It can also help with feelings of distress and tiredness. Add a couple of drops of oil to your aromatherapy diffuser or aromatherapy inhaler to promote an uplifting feeling.


Add 3-4 drops of the oil in an Aromatherapy diffuser before sleep.

Add 20-30 drops in a 500 ml shampoo bottle and mix well. Helps better cleanse your scalp and hair. Helps clarify and relax the skin and strengthen hair roots. Suitable for all types of hair.

May apply a few drops daily as a natural antiperspirant.

100% Pure Natural Oil- The purity of this oil has been tested with GC-MS.


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