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Our Bay laurel oil is extracted from fresh bay laurel leaves from different regions of Albania.

ANTI-SPASMODIC PROPERTIES ~ Bay laurel helps relieve muscle pain and contractions. Can be used as a muscle relaxer during a massage when mixed with a carrier oil such as olive oil, coconut oil, orange oil, etc.

BODY TONIC ~ Bay laurel may have tonic properties in the body. Helps reduce early signs of aging.

FLU & COLD ~ Bay laurel essential oil is used for relief from coughing and cold symptoms. May help reduce body pain resulting from colds or flu. Helps provide relaxation vibes. May boost a positive mood.

PERFECT NATURAL INSECTICIDE ~ The strong smell of bay laurel oil helps keep away insects, flies and mosquitos, may be added in a body spray mixed with water to help keep mosquitoes away from the skin.  Spray your body once to twice a day after mixing the spray.

UPLIFTING AROMA ~ Bay laurel provides a fresh floral aroma thus promoting confidence and positive thoughts.  This aroma is uplifting to the senses and is believed to promote confidence and courage. It can also help with feelings of distress and sadness. Add a couple of drops of Laurel Oil to your aromatherapy diffuser or aromatherapy inhaler to promote an uplifting feeling when times of distress or sadness come your way.

EASY TO USE ~ When you feel your appetite is suppresses by lack of energy or discomfort, massage Bay Laurel Leaf Oil on the abdomen and chest by diluting 20 drops of the oil in one tablespoon of a carrier oil.

The major constituents measured by GCMS are: 1,8-Cineole, a-Pinene, a-Terpinyl Acetate, Linalool, B-Pinene.


Diffuse bay laurel oil in an aromatherapy diffuser in your house.

Dilute the oil in a carrier oil and massage your body. Add 5 drops in 20ml of carrier oil.

May be used as a hair mask for shiny and soft hair ~ Dilute 5 drops in 10ml of olive oil and massage your hair. Let it sit for 3 hours then wash your hair.

100% Pure Natural Oil- The purity of this oil has been tested with GC-MS.

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