Harmony Oil - Natural Oil Blend for Stress & Anxiety Relief - Promote Sleep & Relaxation


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Harmony oil is a blend of oils that have clinically shown to reduce stress, anxiety and promote relaxation.

STRESS & ANXIETY RELIEF ~ Harmony oil blend aides in promoting stress relief. Helps reduce anxiety due to its active ingredients. The oil blend helps promote positive thoughts and mental wellbeing. Helps relieve anger feelings. Lemon balm and rosemary help relieve stress and enhance concentration. Lavender helps relieve anxiety and stress feelings. May help with anger management. Harmony Oil may help reduce depression, feelings of tiredness and sadness.

PROMOTES RELAXATION & SLEEP ~ Harmony Oil promotes a deep relaxation and restores a positive energy in the brain. Lavender and Lemon balm help promote sleep.

HEADACHE RELIEF ~ Harmony Oil helps relieve pain and headache. Helichrysum is the oil of eternity. Helichrysum has shown to relax nerves and help in their repair, thus speeding recovery from depression, headaches, or insomnia. Helichrysum may help the brain recover from a stressful period in life and protect and relax nerves.

INGREDIENTS ~ Lavender, Helichrysum, Lemon Balm, Rosemary.


Diffuse a few drops of harmony oil in an aromatherapy diffuser.

Consume 2-3 drops a day of the oil.

100% Pure Natural Product- The purity of this oil has been tested with GC-MS.



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