Bay Laurel Leaves


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Bay laurel leaves are used as a spice for the strong aroma added to your dish or can be prepared as a tea. Bay laurel leaves may have antiseptic, aromatic, astringent, diaphoretic effects.

STRONG ANTIOXIDANT ~ Bay laurel is high in antioxidants due to high content of phenols.

HELPS WITH COLD & FLU ~ Bay laurel may help clear your breathing during the flu season. May help relief from cough & cold. May help with bronchitis and flu symptoms.

REDUCES PAIN ~ Bay laurel has relaxing properties and may ease arthritic pains.

ENHANCE DIGESTION ~ May stimulate appetite and improve digestion. May have tonic properties.




Use as a spice in soups, salads or others.

If brewed, drink 1 to 2 cups of tea a day.

May add the leaves in water leave it overnight and drink the water during the day, as a body tonic.

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